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Our Mission

Our motto is “Knowledge. Strategy. Results.” We apply each of these key concepts to every relationship we create and build. The Stange Group strives to maintain high standards of competence, experience, and expertise. In every transaction, the Stange Group team will demonstrate its integrity and commitment to continued excellence.

Our Commitment

We recognize that you, the client, is what makes our business possible. As a client of the Stange Group, we are committed to putting your needs first, from understanding the details of every transaction, to feeling satisfied with our service and confident in our expertise. Every member of our team is focused on providing you with the experience and knowledge that you can rely upon in every transaction. In time, we hope that you will become more than just one of our valued connections, but also one of our friends.

Our Guarantee

We are confident that you will be pleased with the high caliber real estate services the Stange Group offers. However, we also understand that buying and selling real estate can be a stressful experience, and we want to give you peace of mind. Our guarantee is to make you feel comfortable about how you spend your time and money with us.

123 Winding Way. San Carlos

3 Beds l 2 Baths

Virtual Viewing

1,230 (Per Realist Report)

6,080 (Per Realist Report)

Sold for: $1,669,800

379 E Arbor Ave. Sunnyvale

2 Beds l 1 Bath 

1,203sqft (Per Floorplan Image)
5,608sqft Lot (Per Floorplan Image)
Sold For: $1,351,000

Amazing Fixer Opportunity
1135 17th Ave. Redwood City

3 Beds l 1 Bath

1,150sqft (Per Realist Report)

6,760sqft Lot (Per Realist Report)

Offered at: $998,000 Sold For: $1,280,000

445 Farrel Ct. Mountain View

3 Beds l 2.5 Baths

1,429sqft (Per Chicago Title Report)

2,441sqft Lot (Per Chicago Title Report)

Solf For: $1,575,000

471 Nevada Ave. Palo Alto

Virtual Viewing

5 Bed l 5 Full & 2 Half Baths 

 4,521sqft (Per Realist Report)

 8,970sqft Lot (Per Realist Report)

Sold For: $7,075,000


70 Cape Hatteras Ct. Redwood City

1 Bed l 1 Bath

811 sqft (Per Realist Report)

Sold For: $858,000

2440 Elka Ave. Mountain View

Virtual Viewing

3 Beds l 2 Baths 

1,140sqft (Per Chicago Title Report)

6,464sqft Lot (Per Chicago Title Report)

Sold For: $2,520,000

517 Vista Ave. San Carlos

 4 Beds l 2 Baths

1,880sqft (Per Realist Report)

5,600sqft Lot (per Realist Report)

Sold For: $2,325,000

692 Barbour Dr. Redwood City

Virtual Viewing

 3 Beds l 2 Baths

1,630sqft (Per Realist Report)

7,020sqft Lot (per Realist Report)

Sold For: $2,450,000

3121 Flowers Ln. Palo Alto

 Virtual Viewing

3 Beds l 2.5 Baths

 2,108sqft (Per Realist Report) 

6,404sqft Lot (Per Realist Report) 

Sold for: $3,680,000 $482,000 Over Asking


Sold Off-Market
1435 Laurel St. Menlo Park

3 Beds & 2 Baths

1,810sqft (Per Realist Report) 

15,000sqft Lot (Per Realist Report)

Sold for: $3,580,000 in 24 Hours!

514 8th Ave. Menlo Park

4 Bedrooms l 2 Bathrooms

1,707sf of Living Space (Per JADU Site Plan)

 8,023sf Lot (Per JADU Site Plan)

Sold For: $1,918,000


1321 Truman St. Redwood City

3 Bedrooms l 2 Bathrooms

1,740sf of Living Space (Per Realist Report)

9,202sf Lot (per Realist Report)

Offered at: $1,998,000 Sold for $2,420,000


17620 Grand Prix Way, Morgan Hill

5 Bedrooms l 3 Bathrooms

3,378sf of Living Space (Per Realist Report)

8,995sf Lot (per Realist Report)

Sold for: $1,300,000


1585 Madrono Ave, Palo Alto

4 Bedrooms l 3.5 Bathrooms

2,500sf of Living Space (Per Realist Report)

6,545sf Lot (Per Realist Report)

Sold for: $3,780,000


1383 Country Club Dr. Los Altos

4 Bedrooms l 3 Bathrooms

2,705sf of Living Space (Per Realist Report)

10,426sf Lot (Per Realist Report)

Sold for: $3,405,000

Envision Extraordinary

Throughout his career, Greg Stange demonstrated the ability to set clear goals for himself and achieve them with outstanding results. He has worked tirelessly to brand himself with the certification and education he needed to rise to the executive level of the real estate industry.

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