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Sellers, did you know...

On the average … Buyers inspect 12 homes before making an offer.

That means 11 other homes are competing against yours. What that means to you is…

In today’s market, buyers are increasingly savy. Many sellers are “testing the market” with Off Market Opportunities. This means the competition can be stiff! Working together, we can make sure your home gets the attention it needs to stand out from the pack. Your task is to make your home bright, shiny, and clean – as close to a “model” home as possible. My job is to “tell the world” and work to gain maximum market exposure.

High Definition Drone Photography & Video

Get stunning aerial pictures and videos of your home! Showcase your house in an awe-inspiring manner. We use the best drone technology to get you the highest quality drone photography & video.

Custom Open Houses Designed for your Property!

We want to make sure that your potential buyers feel right at home. We have a loan specialist at every open house to help you talk to potential buyers. We also provide catered lunch and/or cafe’ cart upon request.

Unique Attention Grabbing Snackable Videos

Make your property stand out from other properties buyers may be considering. Did you know that real estate listings with video can receive 403% more inquiries than those real estate listings that do not use video.
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Custom Floorplans

Help your potential buyer get a feel of how your property is laid out with custom floor plans that help potential buyers visualize your property.

High End Staging Services

We want to make sure that you’re putting the best out on the market. We provide high end staging services that transform bland pictures into high quality shots that truly add more life and depth to your property.

Full Page Ads in Local Papers

Grab the attention of your local home buyers. We provide services to help get your property a full page ad in local papers so you can find a motivated buyer even quicker!
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